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...In with the New!

Hello, patient fans! The past year has been a whirlwind of photography trips, shows, contests, and learning. I had a wonderful trip in July 2022 to Lake Clark National Park, which produced the photos found in the Brown Bears submenu beneath the Home page. Several of these images, including 'Exuberance', have been finalists in one or more photo contests I entered later in 2023. One of them, 'Seeking Reassurance', won the First Prize for the Mammals category in the international photo contest ShareTheView ( More recently, I returned from a photo trip to Kenya with some 5000 unique images (and ten times that many files!). Given all this activity, my website was badly in need of updating, and I have just completed a major overhaul. I have added new images to the slideshow and the subject pages. I will soon be dividing 'Wildlife' into 'Mammals', 'Birds', and 'Other Beasts'. I have greatly simplified the Store page, and am in negotiations to add click-to-order purchasing by the end of this year. I hope you treat yourself to a look, and give me feedback about anything that could be improved.
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