Artist's statement

Even standing in the freezing cold, I use my camera to watch the natural behavior of wild animals, such as these Bighorn sheep.  How will that lone male keep this small group of females from joining the rest of flock? How do the females find enough to eat in this wintry landscape? How will they react to the distant  calls of a wolf?  

As the hours speed by, I react constantly to the animals as I figure out how to tell a story in a striking image. I work to place the animal in the context of its environment, capture its reactions to other animals, or just focus in on the details of its form and color. 

I love to share the story behind a picture, whether it is of an animal, a plant, or an entire landscape.  Clicking on the images in this site will lead to brief descriptions of why and how I took each photograph.  I hope to bring my love of nature to each viewer and help them to appreciate nature’s complexity in a new way.

Published photos

Natural History magazine

National Park Service Rocky Mtn NP

National Geographic books