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All my images are offered only as limited-edition prints.  For images 36" wide or less, the lifetime run is 30 prints for all sizes and media combined. For larger images, the lifetime run is 7.  I also offer each image at its full resolution as a unique NFT (lifetime run =1).

For all orders, please contact me directly.  I will provide a personalized quote.  In the near future (late 2023) I hope to offer click-to-order functionality.

  • 1) Tell me the image name (click on the image to bring up the name and detailed description). 

  • 2) Tell me the desired size.  Any of these images can be printed quite large, but it varies from image to image.  

  • 3) Tell me your desired print medium: metal (aluminum) or paper. 


Below, I provide a rough guide to the pricing of images (as of March 2023, subject to change) in several common sizes and different media; all prices include shipping to your door (U.S. only). Metal prints normally ship ready to hang on the wall, using metal hangers or frames.

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