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  • Charlie Janson

Picture giveaway for Rainforest Coalition Fundraiser!

I am giving away a print of a male Golden Toad, as a raffle prize to one donor to the Coalition for Rainforest Nations, as explained in my Facebook fund-raiser of April 10th,2021. This image is on slide film, taken 37 years ago, a period much longer than this species was known to science before it went extinct. Extinction is real and it is forever.

The print will be 16x24" and you may have it one of two ways. One is as a paper print alone, to allow you the freedom to choose all the details of matting and framing according to your taste. Two is as an acrylic print - if you not familiar with these, they are frameless prints mounted beneath a layer of acrylic, which is quite shiny (but appropriate to the wetness of this scene). Acrylic prints come ready to hang on the wall.

I chose the Coalition for Rainforest Nations for several reasons, which I hope give you confidence to donate to them: First, it is among the most efficient charities supporting tropical conservation (according to a review in the New York Times), so your donation goes further. Second, they support both species preservation and preventing climate change by setting aside rainforests in conservation areas instead of being logged. Third, they work directly with counterpart agencies in tropical nations, and so help to build the local expertise and support needed to sustain any conservation efforts in the long term.

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