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  • Charlie Janson

Rocky Mountain Adventure!

Photography is a lifestyle, a way of seeing the world, and a daily journey to improve your skills. That said, it all comes to a crux when you have a chance to take pictures in a new place, or even a familiar place that is not 'home'. I recently had such a trip, to join fellow photographers at a workshop offered by Rocky Mountain School of Photography in the alpine of Colorado, a network of high peaks, stunning wildflowers, abandoned mines, and western history. Over the next few weeks, I will publish selected images from the trip (including stops along the way), with what was most memorable to me from each situation. To start with, this picture of Yankee Boy basin (named after the Yankee Boy mine) not only sums up the stunning scenery of the Colorado alpine, but was a an important reminder for me to get my nose out of the weeds (literally, as I was shooting macro images) and look up every once in a while!

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