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  • Charlie Janson

Why they call them photography WORKshops

So, how hard can it be to take pictures of beautiful scenery and wildflowers for a week? Well -- not only does it take concentration and imagination to work new techniques into your photography, but excellent photography depends on the light (photo+graphy = writing or drawing with light), Frankly, the light for nature photography sucks for most of an average day -- even (or especially) when the sun shines all day, Within half an hour of dawn, direct sunlight becomes 'harsh' creating dark shadows that hide a lot of natural details. While early morning light from a low sun defines and accentuates the forms of objects, even this benefit vanishes by mid-morning, after which the sunlight is flat (the French call it 'crushed') until late afternoon. Not surprisingly, photography workshops (and practicing avid and professional nature photographers) start early, In the Colorado mountains, to get to the high alpine by dawn means getting up and on the road before sunrise. Not an early riser by nature? Well, there is always coffee....

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